Training Videos

We have a YouTube channel that has training videos for you to view at your convenience. You can view it at: Videos

Live Training

Joining a Session

Joining a session is easy. When an event is scheduled to take place, click on the link. It will ask if you want to run (or open) or cancel the download. Click on either Run or Open, whichever option is made available to you. This will download a small program called GoToMeeting, which will allow you to view the trainer's computer screen. If you receive a message stating that the key is invalid, ensure that you are clicking on the correct link, at the correct time; the links only become active when the session's time had arrived.
To hear the trainer, dial the phone number provided by the GoToMeeting application, and enter the session ID provided for you. You can also hear the trainer if you choose to use the Voice Over IP option of the GoToMeeting window.

Training Class Description

Mobile Contractor Training - Field Contractor Entry Level Training
Field Contractors will learn how to receive work from their home office, attach results, and send those results back to the office. They will learn how to attach photos, create bids, and complete report forms. A prerequisite for this course is having read the Mobile Contractor Training materials.
Estimated class time is 45 minutes.
Advanced Contractor Training - Field Contractor Advanced Tasks
Field Contractors will learn advanced functions of the system, including enhanced photo tasks, invoicing instructions, and data processing techniques. It is mandatory that users read the Mobile Contractor Training materials and understand the operation of the software before the session.
Estimated class time is 45 minutes.
Office Table Setup
This course is intended for those performing the initial setup of up a office. Attendees will learn the concepts behind the discount, pricing, and vendor regions, and will understand how to build thier pricing tables and service instructions. They will also be shown how to configure their company's name, address, and other options. This course is directed only to those setting up; it is not necessarily required nor recommended for office workers and order processors to attend this session. A prerequisite for this course is a computer upon which has been installed.
Estimated class time is 120 minutes.
Office Usability Training
This course will assist office workers with operation of the software. They will learn how to enter new orders in the system, process results coming in from the field, and efficiently send results back to clients. They will also learn how to invoice completed orders, receive payment from clients, and correctly pay contractors. The prerequisites for this course are a computer upon which has been installed, and which the tables and regions have been set up.
Estimated class time is 150 minutes.

Training Schedule

All times in Eastern Standard
Start Time
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
9:00 Mobile Contractor Training Mobile Contractor Training Mobile Contractor Training
10:00 Office Usability Training
3:00 Office Usability Training
4:00 Mobile Contractor Training Mobile Contractor Training Advanced Contractor Training